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What is Innovation ?

Is Innovation, what we think it to be ?

Innovation is just a new Interpretation I see Innovation just a new way of seeing things, a new perspective of what is already existing. One of the Great innovation that has revolutionised, accelerated  our way of life since the creation is ‘Electricity’ We didn’t create it, its not new, it has been in existence since […]

4 free Color Grading LUTs

4 Free Color Grading LUTs on awesome Film Stock Looks

    Download Link : Film Tone LUT These Color Grading LUTs simulate early Film Stocks based on curves by Petteri Sulonen and a big Thanks to him. Inspired by these Photographic stocks, I have matched them to the original stocks to best of my effort and have slightly altered them to match for Video workflow. Apply  them after a […]

4 Myths of Business video

4 Myths that will kill your Business Video

  From businessmen to scholars, everyone at some point of your life have to, for propagating their project, create an interesting, a convincing and an impressive video. And therefore, it is very important that one knows all the rights and wrongs of video-making. Let us start from the beginning; there are various myths concerning video-making […]

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